Eden Centers offers emergency shelter, long-term housing and comprehensive recovery services to survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. We offer survivors a safe place to dream and overcome their pasts, while developing substantive skills to move forward in their lives and become self-sufficient, flourishing members of society. Our program is intentionally small to focus on the individual needs of each survivor who passes through our doors. We provide each resident with the resources they need to focus and reflect on themselves and their goals.

One of our foundational principles is that LOVE HEALS. We believe that treating people, especially trauma victims, with kindness and respect is incredibly powerful and will facilitate recovery. Our approach to recovery builds on the principles of love, community, grace, gratitude, acceptance, freedom, forgiveness, respect, and empowerment.

Eden Centers is grounded in a living-in-community model that is based on the Benedictine Living-in-Community Model, in which the newest member of the community is always the most nurtured. This model seeks to reassure each new resident that they have found a place of safety and support. It also ensures that each new member has a family of mentors who have faced similar struggles to serve as standards for what the future can hold. As a community, we help survivors of human trafficking to heal from their pasts and to flourish once again.

As part of our comprehensive recovery services we empower residents to share their stories with at-risk girls through R.E.A.L. Choices, our prevention education program, and provide job training, work experience, and paid employment to residents participating in Especially Eden, the Eden Centers’ social enterprise.

​In addition to working with survivors, Eden Centers also provides public policy support, advocacy services, and education on these issues.

Who We Serve​

Eden Centers serves adult survivors of human and sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. Since opening our doors, Eden Centers has served survivors ranging in age from their early twenties into their fifties.

​While no two stories are the same, many survivors who come into our program have experienced some form of abuse in their childhood homes. Some have experienced early homelessness, and some have pasts as runaway children, leading to lives on the streets. Our residents have often endured significant trauma and arrive at Eden Centers from prison, rehabilitation facilities, shelters, referrals from law-enforcement agencies, or directly from the streets. The majority of these survivors were sexually abused between the ages of 7-11, started using alcohol or drugs by 13, entered prostitution as teenagers, and have been arrested nearly a hundred times each. Most residents are recovering from emotional trauma, drug addiction, sexually transmitted illnesses, and other symptoms of poverty and life on the streets.

If you think you or someone you know fits this profile and could benefit from joining our program, please visit our Become a Resident page for details on our criteria.