Eden House is a movement to eradicate the trafficking and selling of human beings. We create systemic change through: youth prevention; education and legislative advocacy, and recovery and reentry services for victims, including long-term shelter.


Founded in 2011, Eden House is the first recovery home for adult victims of human trafficking and commercial exploitation in the Greater New Orleans area. Eden House is patterned after Magdalene House/Thistle Farms in Nashville, Tennessee, which has a long history of providing successful recovery services for trafficking survivors. Eden House addresses our community’s epidemic of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation for all races and ages.

Our confidentially located residence was secured in May of 2012 and renovated by volunteers that summer. Eden House started with a paid full-time and part-time staff of three, as well as an Executive Director who donated her considerable time and effort. Today, Eden House has grown to include one full-time Executive Director, two clinicians, a Resident Night Manager, a Program Coordinator, a Young Adult Volunteer Corps administrative assistant, as well as undergraduate, legal, and clinical interns.

Our first resident arrived at Eden House in October 2012. Since then, Eden House has housed more than 63 residents, and has assisted over 350 clients through direct outreach, advocacy, referrals, and phone consultations. 

In September 2016, Eden House launched its prevention education program, R.E.A.L. Choices, using the curriculum developed by My Life My Choices. Eden House also launched a social enterprise, Especially Eden, in October 2017 to provide residents with job training and employment.

At this point, Eden House does not receive any direct federal or state funding for our services. Funding is provided by individuals, privately held foundations, and companies who either pledge donations or volunteer their services. 

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