Eden House is Hiring!

Eden House Executive Director (Full time position):

The Executive Director’s primary responsibility is to provide overall management of Eden House, including its core function of insuring the quality of therapeutic community/milieu at Eden House, along with the delivery of necessary services and supports to its residents through community providers; (2) and coordination fundraising activities by Board of Directors; and (3) enhancing community outreach/awareness.

Requirements: Master’s Degree in Behavioral Health Field, including licensure in Louisiana with eight (8) or more years of professional experience preferred; or other professional degree in health care field with specific professional experience in the program development and program management/administration within the context of service delivery and support to a specialized population who have experienced severe trauma, including sometimes human trafficking.

Support to Eden House

  • Provide on-going, consistent leadership in provision of core Eden House services and support to residents by Eden House staff and in conjunction with Eden House clinical staff members, community providers, and/or psychiatric consultants so as to foster a therapeutic community at Eden House.
  • Supervise Eden House staff and provide support for coordination of volunteers.
  • Coordinate/facilitate all development/marketing plans for Eden House with input and support from the board and community professionals and supporters.
  • Manage outreach and education efforts to community partners, religious organizations, schools, working groups, law enforcement, the judiciary, etc.
  • Manage outreach and education efforts to other communities interested in replicating the Magdalene House/Eden House model.
  • Manage Eden House public relations, including film, television, radio, print media/website and social media, internet outreach and educational materials.
  • Negotiate/Coordinate (with hired or volunteer legal assistance assistance) Eden House contracts and Memorandums of Understanding with community partners.
  • Oversee the creation and coordination of the Eden House John School.
  • Maintain a close working relationship with City of New Orleans, Magdalene House, New Orleans law enforcement and judiciary, State of Louisiana Representatives, and the New Orleans metropolitan community.
  • Community outreach and coordination of an active volunteer program.
  • Coordinate outreach to community service providers, prisons and law enforcement for resident referrals and perform outreach to community groups that may contain potential residents.
  • Coordinate and conduct tours of Eden House as needed for fundraising and community outreach.
  • Manage and perform public speaking engagements on behalf of Eden House.
  • Testify regarding human trafficking at state legislature and other government venues as needed.

Support to Board

  • Report to Eden House Board President ( Provide timely information and support to the Board President in preparation for board meetings and provide board members all information necessary for sound decisions regarding development, mission, annual goals and objectives, personnel and program operations.)
  • Facilitate strategic planning meeting with key board members and staff members to create a three-year plan for Eden House.
  • Oversee/coordinate all grant writing.
  • Continue to lead all fundraising efforts on behalf of Eden House, including coordination and oversight of annual event, and other fundraising events.
  • Pursue and coordinate additional revenue sources through a variety of funding mechanisms consistent with the mission statement of Eden House.
  • Provide projected costs and expenses to Board Treasurer on a quarterly basis and to prepare annual Eden House Budget.
  • Administer Board approved annual budget.

Support to Staff


  • Oversee all personnel matters including staff organizational structure, hiring and firing, etc.
  • Facilitate weekly staff meetings to provide personnel supervision and review monthly finances as they pertain to program operations and expenses.
  • Oversee the facilitation of twice monthly meetings with clinical staff and clinical volunteers and service providers.
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures.

Support to Residents

  • Attend daily meditations as needed to support community and staff.
  • Provided individual and group intervention and support as needed.

Eden House Clinical Care Manager (Part time (25 hours a week):

Educational Qualifications and Licensure:  The successful candidate will possess a Master’s Degree in a behavioral (mental health, counseling, and/or substance abuse) health field and a Louisiana License in a behavioral health discipline: social work, counseling (substance abuse counseling, marriage and family counseling), rehabilitation counseling, and/ or psychiatric nursing; and at least 5 years of related work experience.

The Clinical Care Manager provides support and guidance to our residents in the following areas:

  1. Case management (clinical care management):  Obtain individual family, addiction, mental and physical health, and criminal case histories from each new resident within 45 days of entry to Eden House; develop plan with each resident to address family, addiction, physical and mental health, and criminal justice issues and dynamics; refer residents to appropriate community partner agencies for individual therapy and intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment, and document each resident’s outcomes based upon referrals; and conduct monthly one-on-one in-person meetings with individual residents to create short- and long-term goal plans, and assess and review progress in achieving goals.  Assist the Executive Director and Program Director in maintaining an effective therapeutic community at Eden House consistent with programmatic polices and procedures.
  2. Education assessment and programming: Obtain literacy, educational, and vocational evaluations for each resident using community partner agencies; develop and regularly review each resident’s individual educational and vocational plans; refer each resident to community programs with the best learning environment for her individual needs; pair residents as needed with an educational tutor within 4-6 months of entry into Eden House; build and sustain Eden House’s pool of volunteer tutors through community education efforts and by offering direct support to existing tutors.
  3. Vocational training, job placement and support for stability at work:  Target and identify each resident’s strengths and needs both educationally and vocationally for career planning; provide liaison support to both Eden House staff and volunteers to better understand and develop criteria for each individual resident to meet and satisfy her educational goals and vocational needs; identify and engage local employers that hire individuals with criminal histories to develop a “job bank” of entities that may be willing to hire residents; recruit volunteers with expertise in career placement to serve as “job coaches” for residents hired through Eden House’s job bank; provide on-going communication and support to Eden House’s job bank employers to continuously improve each resident’s stability in her job.

Other responsibilities:

  • Create and design programs for individual residents.
  • Conduct intake, orientation, and assessment of individual residents.
  • Manage daily operations of Eden House.
  • Provide crisis management for individual residents of the community.
  • Provide conflict resolution involving residents.
  • Supervise service team members, interns, and other contracted employees.
  • Coordinate weekly evening community living meetings.
  • Coordinate weekly educational meetings for residents.
  • Direct weekly staff meetings.
  • Case management activities:
      • Maintain each resident’s files and individual goal plans;
      • Record and document monthly one-on-one meetings, any incidents within the community, any correspondence with residents, etc.;
      • Communicate with and report to lawyers, parole officers, courts, other case managers, etc.;
      • Prepare letters of reference on behalf of residents;
      • Organize quarterly advocacy team meetings;
      • Seek community resources on behalf of residents;
      • Provide referrals to community programs on behalf of residents;
      • Advocate on behalf of residents for available community resources;
      • Provide Eden House’s Administrative Assistant with all documentation related to each resident’s progress toward targeted outcomes or goals per Eden House’s care planning protocol.
  • Attend professional development classes, workshops and trainings.
  • Assist Eden House’s Executive Director and Program Director with managing the account and staying current on bills and other expenses necessary to operate the home.
  • Reports to Eden House Program Director
  • Represent Eden House by acting as a liaison with other agencies, programs, consultants, and volunteers under the direction of Executive Director.
  • Promote the mission of Eden House.
  • Must have flexible hours w/ some weekend and evening availability.


Interested Applicants:  Please email cover letter, resume, three (3) references (at least two (2) being employers; no relatives as references) with contact information (i.e., telephone number and/or email address), and a writing sample composing a brief two-page report (double spaced, 12 point font) about the services available for and needed by human trafficking victims here in the United States and the unique challenges service providers encounter when offering assistance to human trafficking survivors, by January 16, 2015 to info@edenhousenola.org. Eden House is an equal opportunity employer. Salary based on experience.

Katie Couric Image

Eden House‘s Executive Director, Kara Van de Carr, was interviewed by Katie Couric, on January 30th about human trafficking and the Super Bowl. Huge thank you to the Katie Couric Show and to all who tuned into Katie – if you were not able to see the show, check out the interview here!


All tours are Wednesdays at 11am. Please RSVP and direct questions to assistant@edenhousenola.org. More to be announced! Or contact us to schedule a tour! Upcoming tours:

  • Wednesday, August 20, 11 am
  • Wednesday, Sept 3, 11 am
  • Wednesday, Sept 17, 11 am
  • Wednesday, Oct 1, 11 am

February 27, 2014 – Kara Van de Carr and Clemmie Greenlee interviewed by WWLTV

February 10, 2014 – Kara Van de Carr and Clemmie Greenlee speak on on Garland Robinette’s radio show via WWL.

February 7, 2014 – NPR Storycorps story – “Escaping Forced Prostitution And Leaving The Shame Behind”

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January 30, 2014 – Kara Van de Carr was interviewed by Katie Couric on Eden House and human trafficking.

January 2014 - Did you know that January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention month? Take a look at President Barack Obama’s proclamation regarding the actions that must be taken nationally and internationally to combat modern day slavery.

“Slavery and Human Trafficking Awareness Month: Slavery is Not a Thing of the Past”

December 2013 – Eden House Co-Founder and Board of Directors President Katherine Green, wrote an article entitled “People for Sale” for the Baton Rouge Bar Journal

This talk with the two ladies managing the program at Eden House, and certainly our experience there with them and those they’re literally saving, was the most powerful and moving appointment of this entire project. All three IV’s (international visitors) were emphatic about this. It was a very bold move to send our group to this home knowing ahead of time the gut-wrenching issues (sex trafficking, prostitution, etc) and real-life efforts transpiring there daily, but it was absolutely relevant and transformative for these IV’s. In fact, they kept repeating to me how they could not believe the U.S. State Dept would be this honest and open in revealing the dark side within our country. I believe they recognized this transparency is a small part of resolving the issues eventually.” — response from a delegation from Bosnia-Herzegovina on the State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program

January 18 – Chris Sylvain interviews Kara Van de Carr and Clemmie Greenlee on his program called Health Issues 2010